Protect your intellectual property

Intellectual property is a primary business asset

Building up intellectual property is a major business cost. The result of expensive research and development and the marketing programmes, must be protected by legally watertight patents, trade marks, designs, domain names and copyright.

Intellectual property law is complex and constantly changing, requiring a global expertise to ensure you securely protect what is your property.

Intellectual property must be defended vigorously against infringement infringement to ensure that you obtain maximum benefit from what you have created, not someone else.

Intellectual property protection with a proven track record

Entrust your intellectual property portfolio to our IP division and operate safely, drawing support from our patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and other intellectual property professionals.

We are in the top echelon of specialist intellectual property firms offering services nationally and world-wide, and we have a global reach through a network of associated intellectual property offices.

From patent applications to Internet domain names, you will benefit from a full range of intellectual property services globally.